Insights you can act on

Discover what investors are thinking and turn that intelligence into actionable strategies to engage and grow your shareholder base.


Our expert reports are timely, contextualised and decision-maker ready. They are designed to help you align your communication strategies to the latest trends and sentiments for efficient stakeholder engagement.


Perception Analysis

How is your company perceived by the investment community? Prioritising high-quality dialogue over Q&A-style surveys, our in-depth studies uncover biases, perception gaps and opportunities to improve your strategy.


Capital Market Positioning

Using publicly available information, we analyse your stock from a newcomer’s perspective, examining all aspects of your capital market positioning, including your trading universe and all other factors influencing valuation. This assessment guides the prioritisation of actions in your Investor Relations strategy.



Investor Engagement

We act as an intelligence bridge, connecting you with qualified institutional investors and opening doors to potential funding opportunities. Our flexible, unbiased and wholly independent insights enrich your outreach conversations, ensuring every interaction is both meaningful and impactful.



Benchmarking your performance is the first step to making smarter strategic decisions and measuring progress against your goals. We assist you in this process by measuring real-world corporate positioning, combining best practice reviews with specific investor sentiment for a comprehensive overview of where you stand.


Board Reporting

We help you give IR a seat at the table by positioning it as a key influencer to the Board. Our C-suite-ready reports enhance the Board’s understanding of how the company’s performance translates into share price activity and impact on the investor base.


Market Surveillance

Everyone benefits from well-ordered markets. We support corporate clients and the investing world with robust, ongoing surveillance that tracks emerging trends, opportunities, risks and regulation.

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