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Deep actionable knowledge of the capital markets

While a company’s financial performance is usually seen as the fundament of intrinsic valuation, there are other factors that determine the ability of a stock to realise its value. We enable our clients to fully understand these factors which range from industry positioning, sovereign risk, messaging, market sentiment as well as the stock’s trading profile in absolute and relative terms. Our bespoke approach to every piece of research is specifically aimed at getting to the root of all valuation drivers in order to provide the most holistic view, and optimise the stock’s valuation.

Message Development

We work with clients to develop a clear communications policy and messages that speak to a company’s identified audience. We believe that simple and consistent articulation of the equity story supported by proof points of success resonates the loudest. <<More>>

IR Planning & Goal Setting

We help our clients set the parameters of their IR programme and outline appropriate activities in order to achieve stated objectives. We define the goals, plan the activities and help execute the programme. <<More>>

Valuation Gap Benchmarking

We provide a 360 degree view of the dynamics impacting a stock and assess all stresses on valuation in order to fully understand discounts or premiums relative to competitors or intrinsic fair value. We outline the key catalysts and barriers to achieving a premium rating as well as measures to ensure downside protection. <<More>>

Investor Perception Analysis

Our perception reports are designed to drive continuous improvement of IR programming initiatives and refinement of key messages. As a neutral market participant, we are best positioned to collect and present unbiased and actionable feedback to our clients. <<More>>

Disclosure Benchmarking

In order to help our client develop an appropriate disclosure policy, we begin by reviewing the level and nature of financial and operational KPIs disclosed across the sector. This analysis informs the company’s messaging framework and helps to improve expectations management with the market. <<More>>

IR Training

We provide IR training and communications coaching to help individuals better understand the mechanics of the capital markets. We also provide dedicated support ahead of key meetings, such as rehearsal for analyst presentations and road shows, etc. <<More>>

Market Surveillance

We establish peer surveillance mechanisms to enable our clients to stay abreast of all relevant market and peer developments; and, provide issuers with timely insight into how their IR activities, positioning and materials compare with sector peers. <<More>>

Investor Prioritisation

We synthesise the findings from our technical analyses and combine these with our knowledge of the global investment community to establish a prioritised hierarchy of institutional investors that will best support the issuer’s capital market development. <<More>>

IR Activity Reports

We devise reports designed to feedback periodically on all elements of IR activity and within the context of meeting defined investor relations objectives; and, ensuring an upward flow of feedback to the Board and management in a consistent and structured manner. <<More>>

We help our clients to achieve their IR ambitions.