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Giving new and repeat issuers the quintessential know-how to effectively engage with the capital markets

We help new issuers, in particular high yield issuers, to effectively structure their engagement with the capital markets, and repeat issuers to drive efficiencies and ultimately create value from their IR programme. We have the resources of a large agency and thus we are fully able to help companies implement the necessary architecture to build a best practice IR programme in a cost-effective manner. However, we maintain the attentiveness expected of a boutique firm and this ensures that our clients can reap the benefits of hands on senior-level experience and expertise.

First Time Issuers

First time debt issuers are often overawed with understanding the regulatory requirements, reporting mechanics and engagement strategy following a debt issuance. We make this process manageable by outlining the necessary processes to regulate external and internal communication in order to comply with the regulatory requirements. This ensures clients are always best prepared to effectively engage the key constituents of the capital markets, whilst minimising risk and delivering on timely and accurate reporting. In addition, a supportive IR infrastructure allows IR or finance executives to focus on the value-accretive activities and enhances the overall efficiency of the entire investor relations programme.

Repeat Issuers

A debt issue can often be seen as a prelude to an IPO or additional debt raising activities to execute on a growth or M&A agenda. As such, it is important to communicate effectively and to adopt the culture and processes of a listed company as early on as possible. This is an important consideration given many debt issuers are backed by PE firms with limited investment time horizons and who often look to exit via an IPO. Delivering on an effective debt IR programme takes time and energy and can often be difficult, given many high yield issuers operate with limited resources. We understand the pressures this places on the finance team and our support is geared to ensure the finance team can focus on running the business, whilst delivering on an efficient IR programme.

Earnings Support

We provide clients with end-to-end support around their earnings which includes the creation of all investor material and handling of all logistics. Messages are carefully crafted to address the needs, expectations and knowledge requirements of the different stakeholders. Our experience provides an unparalleled level of insight to apply to the creation of investment themes that resonate with target audiences. <<More>>

Annual Report Development

We support our high yield debt clients in the production of the annual report by providing editorial support and liaising with the relevant internal and external parties as required. We ensure the document meets all the necessary regulatory requirements and provides an update across all sections outlined in the Bond offering memorandum. <<More>>

Capital Market Interaction

We support our clients in managing their interaction with various members of the capital markets. For first time issuers, we devise a communications policy to help deal with the non-debt related audience who seek to gain access to their financial information. <<More>>

Internal Reporting Systems

We work closely with our clients to assess whether the availability of financial information internally complies with the requirements needed to meet the legal and regulatory obligations, as well as ensuring the reported content is in line with market expectations. <<More>>

IR Website Development

We work with our clients to develop or restructure their debt IR website to ensure it provides the market with timely access to financial information; and, is in-line with the specific requirements of debt issuers, in particular high yield issuers. <<More>>

IR Database Management

We enable our clients to establish and maintain an IR Infrastructure that supports all aspects of the IR programme by driving efficiencies, adding intelligence and streamlining internal processes. <<More>>

We help our clients to achieve their IR ambitions.